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2024 marks the 17th anniversary of the Halifax Saint Patrick's Day Parade in its current iteration and the first to go online. The parade brings together Irish and non-Irish alike to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in our city!

Over the past decade the parade has moved from Halifax's North End, to downtown along Spring Garden Road and Barrington Street to this year's route through Irishtown along Lower Water Street, but all along it has remained a symbol of Irish pride.


The objectives of the parade are:


  • To commemorate the life of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. 


  • To celebrate Ireland's influence in Halifax, and throughout the world, and to create an awareness of the ongoing Irish social, economic, cultural, democratic, religious and scientific contributions to Nova Scotia since our region was founded.


  • To reinforce the long historic links between Ireland and Nova Scotia.


  • To engage as many members of the Irish Community in Nova Scotia as possible. To encourage as many members of the non-Irish communities as possible to participate in this celebration. To invite all those who are interested in joining in the fun to be "Irish" for the day and to "wear the green”, the symbolic colour of Ireland.

The annual parade is organized by volunteers of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Society



  • Brian Doherty, Event Chairman

  • Sandy Phillips

  • Pauline Scott

  • Sue Uteck

  • Roberta Dexter

  • Margaret Havey

  • Becky Chapman

  • Gerry Whelan

  • Allana MacDonald-Mills

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